Why Do Great Leaders Need a Coach?

Alignment for High Performing Executive Teams

Coaching to Enabling the Best Work of your Career

Executive Coaching. Leadership Team Alignment


  • Are your team members highly engaged in their work and fully bought in to the company’s purpose, vision and values?
  • Do you have a trusted, experienced and caring advisor to help you optimize results and ensure your team views their work as pleasure with a passion?
  • Do your team members believe you are truly investing in their growth and engagement?
  • Do you believe you know what your team members really think about your leadership and trustworthiness?
  • Do unknown disconnects, misalignments and tensions exists within your executive team?
  • Do you desire to have a more accurate, current, deeper and realistic view of the emotional state of your team?
  • Do you have access to pressure-tested playbooks for common team dynamic scenarios and business challenges?

Why Choose me as your Coach

  • Deeply experienced with high growth, complex companies across of variety
    of sizes, ownership structures and industries
  • 100% referenceable client base
  • Not just a “outside” coach with only coaching experience, but currently a CEO
    and have run companies, P&Ls in public, private and PE backed companies.
  • 7,500 hours of coaching – have seen most scenarios that businesses, teams
    and leaders face. I have seen executive decisions play out over many years
    of coaching and can provide insight that is hard to obtain without an outside
    view and real world experience
  • Willing and capable of having hard conversations that drive change…
    grounded in reality of the ripple effect of decisions and change
  • I care deeply about my clients – both personally and professionally

Our ServicesWhat We Offer

Executive Coaching

  • Monthly or bi-weekly coaching sessions catered to your needs and
    challenges at the present time (typically one hour in duration – video
    conference or in person)
  • Generally provided to entire executive team with extra time for the CEO
    to get personal coaching as well as feedback from what is going on
    “beneath the surface” within his or her executive leadership team
  • Session content examples include: (note: agenda is always set by
    coachee but here are examples)
  • Talent Optimization
  • Team Member Engagement
  • Communication tactics and techniques designed to engage, align and create 100% trust environments
  • Fears and Anxiety exploration that are governing your growth and potential
  • Work/Life “Balancing” evaluation and specific tactics to ensuring balancing
  • Succession planning
  • Getting it Right from the Start
  • M&A strategic assessment
  • Board of Directors/Advisors management
  • Optimizing your Bi-Focal vision (short and long term/tactical and strategic planning)
  • Goals for Executive Coaching
  • Enable you to do the best work of your career
  • Coach the Coach – will provide templates and coaching to enable the
    coachee to be a great coach
  • Marrying of your passions, skills and talents with your personal and
    company purpose
  • Identifying your legacy and starting to make daily deposits in your
    legacy account
Executive Offsite Planning and Facilitation
  • Planning of 1-2 day executive offsite with CEO or organizing
    ELT Tmember (personally planned and facilitated over 90 offsites
    in my career)
  • Offsite facilitation includes authoring of executive alignment
    exercises, facilitation of meeting, feedback to CEO and other ELT
    attendees as to effectiveness of meeting and individual contribution
  • Action Item organization and follow up

References and Case Studies

“David has made a positive impact in his coaching of several of our executive team members and key high potentials. His experience in extracting self-awareness and instilling a passion to constantly learn and grow ultimately led to his coachees becoming better team members and leaders. The partnership with me to drive our vision to make Dice the best place to work has been invaluable.”

Art Zeile, CEO – DHI Group, Inc.

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All Great Leaders need a Coach

Executive C-suite coaching focused on alignment and engagement within executive teams. Helping the team and individuals do the best work of their career through self-discovery, guided by a formal coaching cadence.